To email anyone on staff use firstinitiallastname at msdb dot mt dot gov

Administration Department

The mission of the Administration Department is to monitor and oversee the entire MSDB ecosystem. The Administration staff consists of:

  • Interim Superintendent – Paul Furthmyre
  • Business Manager – Donna Schmidt
  • Principal – Paul Furthmyre
  • Student Life Director – Jim Kelly
  • Outreach Director – Carol Clayton-Bye

Business Office

The mission of the Business Office is to meet the needs of students, staff, and the public in a professional and knowledgeable manner by safeguarding all assets and following all state and federal laws, policies, and procedures to deliver timely, accurate, confidential, clear, and complete financial records. The Business Office staff consists of:

  • Business Manager – Donna Schmidt
  • Executive Assistant – Paula Mix
  • Benefits Specialist – Shirley Wermling
  • Procurement – Jaime Walker

Maintenance and Facilities Department

The mission of the Maintenance and Facilities Department is to maintain all facilities with cleanliness and in good working order as well as esthetically pleasing. The Maintenance and Facilities staff consists of:

  • Maintenance Lead – Travis England
  • Maintenance – Linda Ranes
  • Maintenance – Ruben Ulibarri
  • Custodial Lead – Bruce Catron

Technology Department

The mission of the Technology Department is to guide and advise purchasing, installation, maintenance, and use of all things technological. The Technology Department staff consists of:

  • Network Manager – Josh Rutledge