Student Life Staff Duties

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.”

~Ann Landers

To ensure a safe, healthy, and happy home-away-from-home experience, there are many hands ready to support students becoming independent adults. Each Cottage wing has a Lead, several Cottage Attendants, and a Behavioral Counselor. In addition, Food Service Workers provide healthy and delicious meals. Nurses are on staff during the day and on call during the night to assist with any medical needs.

Student Life Leads

Each Cottage has 1-2 Leads who are in charge of the Cottage where they are assigned. The Lead supervises Cottage Attendants, plans and facilitates Cottage meetings, completes ordering of foods and materials, assists in planning monthly activities for the Cottage and the Student Life Program, and ensures safety and growth opportunities for students.

Student Life Cottage Attendants

Each Cottage has 1-3 Cottage Attendants depending on the needs of students in each Cottage. Cottage Attendants provide instruction in daily activities, ensure a safe and clean living environment, provide supervision in play and recreation activities, and provide transportation to and from off-campus activities.

Student Life Behavioral Counselors

Each Cottage has a Behavioral Counselor who provides general guidance to students regarding social and emotional development. The Counselors provide behavior supports and guide Cottage staff in supporting students in their social and emotional development. Counselors manage the Independent Living Skills Program, serve on IEP teams, and assist in community and group events throughout the year.

Food Services Workers

The staff of Food Service Workers includes a Manager, a Cook, a Baker, and a Food Prep Worker. Together, they plan healthy and delicious meals. Residential students receive breakfast and dinner in their Cottages in a family-style environment. Lunch is provided during the school day in the dining hall for all students following the National School Lunch Program guidelines and requirements. Many staff members join students for lunch. During the weekends, the Food Service Workers pre-prepare a variety of meals to ensure healthy and delicious food during non-travel weekends.


Nurses provide routine and/or immediate medication or treatment to ensure each student’s healthcare needs are being met. Nurses dispense medication as per Doctor Orders. The Nurses maintain the Health Services Center / Infirmary ensuring supplies are available. When students are ill, they may remain in the Health Services Center / Infirmary supervised by the Nurse on duty until they have recovered or until a parent/guardian can come and take them home.


Each night when students are on campus, there are at least 2 staff members assigned as Nightwatch. During the night, Nightwatch performs visual checks on each student to ensure the student is in bed and sleeping. These checks are logged into a computer system. MSDB uses The Pipe system – known as the world’s most rugged data collector. Nightwatch staff monitor cameras during the night and report any suspicious activity to Supervisors and the Great Falls Police Department. Each morning, Nightwatch staff assist with morning preparations getting students ready for school.

Morning Attendant

The Morning Attendant assists with morning preparations and getting students ready for school. The Morning Attendant performs housekeeping duties for all common areas in the residential program. They also coordinate and complete necessary cleaning for any guests staying on our campus.

For more information about our Residential Student Life Program, please contact:

  • Student Life Director at 406-771-6120 (voice) or 406-205-0001 (videophone).