Residential Overview

people sitting at a tableResidential Student Life Program

Students attend MSDB from all corners of Montana State. Those students who reside outside of the Great Falls area are eligible to attend MSDB as residential students. We also offer residential services to students in the Great Falls area, if space is available.

The Mission of our Residential Program is to provide a safe, healthy, and happy home-away-from-home environment for all students. A caring and professional staff of Counselors, Cottage Life Attendants, Food Service Workers, Nightwatch, and Nurses provide necessary services to all residential students.

The Residential complex is comprised of “wings” called “cottages.” Each Cottage is arranged like a home and students within each Cottage function as a family. While Cottages are separated by gender, students in each cottage may vary in ages resulting in opportunities for older students to mentor younger students.

Each Cottage features a kitchen, living room area, and dining area. Bedrooms are designed for two students and many students have their own room. Older students in the Independent Living Skills Program may reside in an apartment-like setting within their Cottage with their own kitchen, living and dining room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Because of Montana’s size, travel home for students is provided at no cost to families once a month usually around a holiday. Families are welcomed and encouraged to visit on non-travel weekends and may stay in our residential facilities if space is available. Students are encouraged to communicate often with their families through landline phones, videophones, and personal cell phones.

For more information about our Residential Student Life Program, please contact:

  • Student Life Director at 406-771-6120 (voice) or 406-205-0001 (videophone).