Life Skills, Employment, Academics, Post-High School (LEAP) Program


To offer young adults the opportunity to experience life after high school and pursue their post-high school goals in a semi-supported environment.


Young adults transition from full support in high school to an independent life in the community.

student cookingThe MSDB’s LEAP Program is designed to provide young adults with an opportunity to begin their lives with support from high school graduation to living independently in the community. Young adults admitted to the LEAP program may continue learning academic skills as well as daily life skills necessary to become independent citizens in the community. Based on an individual’s personal goals for their life after high school, a program is designed to support them meeting those goals.

The LEAP Program has four legs as does the Mustang:

  • Daily Living Skills
  • Employment in the Community
  • Post-High School Education such as College or University, Vocational Training, or job-specific training
  • Recreation and Leisure

For more information about the LEAP Program, please contact:

  • Student Life Director at 406-771-6120 (voice) or 406-771-0001 (videophone)

  • LEAP Young Adult and Staff Handbook (Coming Soon) 
  • LEAP Application (Coming Soon)