High School Transition

student at restaurantThe MSDB’s High School Transition Program offers students educational opportunities and learning experiences to prepare them for life beyond high school. The High School Transition Program is in a state of constant development as each student’s needs, abilities, and interests are different.

Each student at MSDB, around the age of 14 and before the 16th birthday, has transition components listed in their IEP based on their individual strengths, needs, interests, and preferences. These components are compiled from interest surveys, personality assessments, personal experiences and interests, career explorations, and much more. Based on the IEP, students may take classes in career exploration, employability, personal finance and budgeting, cooking, sewing, and independent daily living skills. Classes may be rotated based on the needs of students in the high school program.

Class list (not exhaustive)

  • Life Skills: Focus on skills needed throughout life including soft skills, budgeting, meal planning, shopping, independent travel, and other daily tasks such as laundry, food storage, and personal hygiene.
  • Applied Math: Focus on skills needed throughout life related to math such as elapsed time, time management, personal budgeting including managing a checking/savings account, scheduling appointments, and paying bills.
  • Employability: Focus on skills needed to look for, apply for, accept, and maintain employment.
  • Cooking: Focus on meal planning and preparation, shopping, reading and following recipes and/or instructions on pre-packaged foods, and nutrition.
  • Career Exploration: Focus on exploring personal strengths, personal interests, prerequisite skills for various jobs and careers, job shadows, and work experience both on and off campus.

Besides the courses above, the following employment exploration opportunities may be offered:

  • Freshman year: On-campus job shadows and/or off-campus job shadows
  • Sophomore year: Off-campus job shadows and/or on-campus jobs
  • Junior year: On-campus and/or off-campus jobs
  • Senior year: Develop specific plans for life after High School and continue off-campus jobs

In general, the High School Transition Program is designed to offer unique employment and career experiences in each year of High School.

The Transition Program also partners with the Student Life Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP). These two programs provide students with skills and abilities to be as independent as possible in their life after High School.

For information about hosting our students for a job shadow or employment experience or for information about our High School Transition Program in general, please contact our School Counselor at 406-771-6053 (voice) or our School Principal at 406-771-6015 (voice) or 406-205-0002 (videophone).